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How to Become a Sears Supplier

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As of 2014, Sears Holdings Corporation does not directly take on new suppliers for retail products at its Sears, Roebuck and Co. and Kmart stores. However, the company does offer a gateway for new vendors and suppliers to get products in its North American retail outlets.

Join the Marketplace

A new supplier needs to become a member of the Sears Marketplace, according to the Sears corporate website. As of July 2014, the site said this was the only way to do this. The online portal allows suppliers to offer products to retail customers directly on the company's websites. Suppliers can list products on the marketplace, and Sears handles the billing and collection. The supplier handles the shipping. A second option for suppliers is to ship products to a designated warehouse and let Sears complete the entire transaction. In either case, Sears credits the supplier's bank account. Products that sell well and produce positive customer feedback online may be chosen for in-store displays.



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