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How to Sell Recycled Rubber

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Recycled rubber is a new sustainable material that can be used for various ground coverings. Recycled rubber can be sold to consumers who need the material for athletic fields, playgrounds, cargo areas and landscaping. If you are interested in selling recycled rubber, keep the following in mind.

Determine the recycled rubber offerings you want to give your customers. Recycled rubber can be sold as crumbs, tiles, mats and pads. The tiles, mats and pads are typically used in fields and cargo areas while the crumb is sold as filler.

Locate wholesalers of recycled rubber. In order to get the best prices on recycled rubber for resale, compare various quotes from wholesalers. You can use online sites like and Trade Key. These sites also present offers for recycled rubber directly from manufacturers.

Find out the process used to make the recycled rubber that you plan to buy. Your customers will want to know how the material is manufactured. In most cases, recycled rubber is made from tires that have gone through the recycling process to have all contaminants removed.

Join an organization for assistance in selling your recycled rubber products. The National American Recycled Rubber Association is an excellent resource for sellers. As a member, you can network with others in the industry as well as get insider information on technical and political developments.

Market your recycled rubber products to landscapers, contractors and architects. Before you make any sales calls, take the time to research prices of recycled rubber products from other distributors.


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