How to Become a Credit Card Processor

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Credit card processing is necessary for all businesses, small or large. Without it, businesses would not gain many sales since most customers prefer to use a credit or debit card for their purchases. As a credit card processor, you would handle all of the transactions for your clients, as well as any disputes or problems. You will need to get contracts with credit card companies and determine your fees. The merchant (your client) will submit a credit card transaction to you via the Internet. When you receive the appropriate information, you submit the information to the appropriate credit card network who then sends that information to the issuing bank. The transaction is either approved or declined. You then send that information back to the merchant.

Get a contract with Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express. Use the website links in the Resources box below to locate your appropriate acquirer in order to begin accepting credit card payments. Begin with the most popular credit card companies (Visa and MasterCard) then get contracts with Discover and American Express.

Obtain the proper equipment for credit card processing. Your clients (merchants) will be using a credit card terminal to enter the customer's credit card information. That information will be electronically sent to you via your computer. You will need the appropriate credit card processing software to send the information you receive to the credit card company. Check the link below in Resources for software options.

Advertise your business as a credit card processor. Small businesses to large corporations need credit card processors. Specializing in large corporations can help you get more clients. Choose a specialty, and advertise your services on websites for those businesses. Attend local business network meetings for more exposure. Learn more at


Grow your credit card processing business by listing your most recognizable clients, and getting client testimonials to add to your marketing materials.