How to Apply for a Business Grant to Start a Preschool

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How to Apply for a Business Grant to Start a Preschool. There are a lot of grants available to help preschools. If you are just starting a preschool or looking to improve the program that you offer you should consider applying for a business grant to help you make improvements. These grants can also help you to grow your business.

Create a business plan. This is an essential step in receiving a grant. You should plan specifically what you want to do with the money and break down how much each step will cost.

Find a grant that you are qualified for. You can find grants online or through your preschool owners insurance group or association. The government also offers many grants to help preschools improve.

Fill out your application. Read the application carefully. If you miss any steps you will be disqualified from receiving the grant. Take your time, a professional application will increase your chances.

Have someone else check your grant application for grammar and spelling errors. You may also look for input on other things to include with your application.

Submit your application by the deadline. Do not begin making your improvements until you receive the approval for the grant.


You may consider changing to a non-profit status. This can help you to qualify for more grants. You should talk to a non-profit lawyer about all the implications before you make this decision. Consider applying for government guaranteed small business loans as another alternative to help you improve and grow your business.


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