How to Adjust Office Chairs

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If you work in an office than chances are you have spent some time sitting in an uncomfortable office chair. Having an office chair properly adjusted can be the difference between chronic back pain and a comfortable working environment.

Place yourself in the chair with your back fully against the backrest of the chair.

Position your feet flat on the floor with your legs as close to a 90 degree angle from the seat of the chair as possible.

Adjust the height of the chair using the lever located under the seat so that your feet are comfortably positioned on the floor and that your back remains flush against the back of the chair.

Lock the position in place by pulling out on the lever located under the seat. This will keep the chair from readjusting each time to get up or sit down.


Older model chairs may require you to spin the seat in order to adjust the height. If this is the case do this while standing in front of the chair. When the seat reaches the center of the knee the chair will be properly adjusted.


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