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How Can I Check My Food Handler Certification?

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State and local governments directly issue some licenses, such as a driver's license or business license. However, while states monitor and approve certain certification programs, the programs themselves are operated by private entities such as Safeway and ServSafe. After you complete your certification process, check with the organization to see if your application has been processed.

Register for an in-person or online course with a food handling instructional program such as ServSafe or Safeway.

Complete the course and study the provided materials to prepare for the assessment.

Take the assessment, either online or in person. Because these tests are objective, online results should be available immediately, and the instructor may grade your exam while you are at the testing site.

Check the program website to see if your score is passing. If you took the test in person, you should get notification on-site or within a short time in the mail.

Print your certificate if you passed the assessment online. If you took the assessment in person and there is a delay in getting your results, contact the organization by phone or e-mail to check on the status. Both ServSafe and Safeway offer contact links to make this a fast process. Safeway offers a verification process so you can continue to monitor your certificate and its expiration date online.


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