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Job Description for a Program Specialist

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Program specialists take charge of a wide variety of projects. As a program specialist, you will need leadership skills and familiarity with the program to effectively meet the needs of your employer. CareerBuilder's salary calculator lists the average pay for program specialists as $65,896 per year as of 2014.

Program Specialist Duties

Program specialists implement and manage different types of projects according to the policies, procedures and goals of an organization. For example, a program specialist for an educational organization might spearhead efforts to implement scholastic programs for children with exceptional needs. No matter the type of organization, a program specialist's duties typically include overseeing strategic planning, human resource management and budgeting. He might also conduct research to create and implement new and better policies. In addition, program specialists monitor progress to ensure the project is on schedule to be completed by the deadline. Program specialists train personnel when necessary and act as a liaison between managers and subordinates.

Program Specialist Types

A bachelor's degree in business administration or a related field provides candidates with an educational background attractive to employers. Specific types of program specialists, such as special education program specialists, might require a degree or certification related to the program.


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