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Assistant Program Manager Job Description

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Assistant program managers perform various duties, depending on the company and industry. They work under the supervision of senior professionals, ensuring that corporate operating processes are adequate and adhere to program specifications and senior management's directives.


An assistant program manager oversees staff working on projects involving cross-functional teams, plans and monitors schedules and project budgets, and organizes project activities depending on deadline requirements. He also assigns work to information technology personnel and organizes periodical project progress meetings.

Tools and Technologies

According to the job information portal Onet Online, an assistant program manager often uses desktop computers when performing tasks. She also might use database query software, such as Access.

Work Activities

Onet Online indicates that an assistant program manager provides information to clients, supervisors and peers. He also makes decisions, solves problems, and assists and cares for others.


A four-year college degree is generally necessary for an assistant program manager position. However, employers often hire candidates with less education but significant practical experience.


An assistant program manager must have good communication skills. Being service-oriented and able to order information also helps an assistant program manager in his role.


The average yearly salary for assistant program managers was $49,000 as of 2010, according to the career resources website Indeed.


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