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Systems Development Manager Job Description

Growth Trends for Related Jobs

System development managers help ensure that a company's processes and mechanisms are adequate, functional and conform to top leadership's recommendations and industry standards. They plan and coordinate the maintenance, upgrade and implementation of information systems.


A system development manager defines workflows and ensures process improvements in the short and long terms, manages professional staff and external consultants and analyzes data and solves problems. He interacts with computers, thinks creatively and interprets the meaning of process information to others, according to O*Net OnLine.

Abilities, Tools and Technologies

To perform tasks proficiently, a system development manager must have effective communication skills, problem-solving aptitude and good vision. According to O*Net OnLine, a system development manager often uses computer tool kits, network analyzers, punch-down tools, as well as enterprise resource planning software, such as Microsoft Dynamics AX.

Knowledge and Job Pay

A four-year college degree in computer science or a related field is generally necessary for a system development manager position, but employers prefer candidates with master’s degrees for senior roles. The career information website shows that system development managers earned average annual wages of $86,000 as of 2010.