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How to Write a Transfer Thank You Letter

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Employees in a business may be transferred between different branches, locations and positions. Often, a transfer that requires relocation is accompanied by a promotion and salary increase. Transfers within a company can also include supervisory changes. Long-term employment within a company also means forging business relationships. Providing professional letters of appreciation to superiors is a good way to maintain relationships despite intra-company transfers.

Outline the thank you letter to address a former supervisor. Use professional letterhead and include the supervisor’s name and title.

Begin the thank you letter with a paragraph stating information about the pending transfer, the new position or location and new responsibilities.

Craft a second paragraph indicating your appreciation to the supervisor for her support. Indicate several areas in which her guidance benefited your professional growth and training. Note specific projects, if applicable.

Complete the letter with a third paragraph stating your desire to maintain professional contact and offer your assistance with training replacements.