MIS Specialist Job Description

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An MIS (management information systems) specialist is an information technology professional who supports and maintains computer systems and databases for an organization.


Management information systems are computer systems and applications that house business information for an organization. Most employers require a bachelor's degree in management information systems, information technology, computer science or a related discipline. Some employers may require experience with specific systems and business applications as well.


Maintaining and supporting business systems includes assisting users with system and software functionality and technical issues. This includes training users on how to use new applications. Other responsibilities include routine system maintenance, backing up systems and applications, as well as ensuring the integrity of the stored business information by implementing security measures to be adhered to by all users within the organization.


Salary can vary for this occupation depending on the types of business systems and software these professionals maintain and support. As of July 2010, Indeed.com listed a national average salary of $69,000 per year for this occupation.