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Job Description of a Distribution Analyst

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Distribution analysts play a key role in a supplier's business decision-making processes. They support customer service initiatives and communicate pricing, trade and client data to relevant departments within a company.

Nature of the Work

A distribution analyst oversees the logistics of all purchases, including shipment monitoring, order verification and redirection of shipments, depending on business needs.

Education and Training

A distribution analyst typically holds a bachelor's degree in a business-related field, although a senior professional with managerial duties might have a master's degree in business management.


In 2010, a distribution analyst earned an annual median salary of $74,000, according to the career information website Indeed.


The job resources web portal Onet Online indicates that a distribution analyst must have good communication skills (written and verbal) and critical-thinking aptitude when performing duties.

Working Conditions

A distribution analyst works normal business hours, Monday through Friday. She may be busier at the end of each quarter or year providing information to internal or external auditors.


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