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Senior Supervisor Job Description

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A firm's top leadership implements adequate polices and guidelines in operating processes to prevent losses resulting from error or information systems breakdowns. Senior supervisors help ensure that employees abide senior management's directives when performing duties.

Nature of the Work

A senior supervisor oversees staff work and ensures that employees meet weekly or monthly sales and production commitments. He also communicates with project team leaders to ensure task completion by deadlines.

Education and Training

A senior supervisor typically has a bachelor's degree in a business-related field and significant manufacturing experience. Some senior supervisors working for large companies hold master's degrees.


According to the career information website Indeed, a senior supervisor earned a median yearly salary of $69,000 in 2010.

Career Development

A senior supervisor can be promoted sooner if she performs well and stays up-to-date with industry developments. Within a few years, a competent and apt senior supervisor can move to a higher role.

Working Conditions

A senior supervisor works normal business hours Monday through Friday. He may work longer hours if business conditions require it.