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Senior Project Coordinator's Responsibilities

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A senior project coordinator is part of the management team that ensures different components of a project remain interlinked. The main focus of the component relations is to achieve the set goals and objectives. Senior project coordinators report to the senior project manager. Essentially, a senior project coordinator leads a team of project workers. The senior project coordinator makes sure that the group has the correct procedure of activities. As figureheads, they pose as individuals whom the project workers look to for guidance and streamlining of activities.


A project entails a number of related activities that are linked in the order of precedence. It is the responsibility of the senior project manager to review the relationship between different activities. A senior project coordinator ensures a seamless flow of activities. The coordinator may do so by delegating and organizing work to project coordinators working under him. In a construction setting, a senior project coordinator organizes the project's contractual information.

Improving Team Efficiency

A project execution requires a well selected and coordinated team. Team coordination involves setting clear roles and responsibilities for each member. Additionally, it constitutes accurate and significant communication of information between team members. The coordination of the activities of a team eliminates duplication. A senior project coordinator ensures that the working interrelationships are effective for timely project completion. An organization achieves efficiency by cutting costs incurred through performance of nonessential activities. The end result is a team geared toward timely and efficient project execution.

Control of Resources

A senior project coordinator remains aware that a project proceeds under a certain budget constraint. Activities have to be scheduled and implemented while bearing in mind that only a certain amount of monetary resources are available. A senior project coordinator communicates with other members of the project management team such as the project supervisor. Consequently, the senior project coordinator handles the organization’s financial information. In most projects, it is the collective responsibility of the project management team to control and regulate the use of resources.

Solving Problems

A senior project coordinator acts as a problem solver. Senior project coordinators identify shortcomings and employ work experience to devise potential solutions during project execution. For instance, a senior project coordinator identifies the elements that could affect the completion time of activities and submits a request for more workforce from the hiring manager. The senior project manager remains prepared for any imminent problem.


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