What Are the Duties of a Fulfillment Analyst?

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A fulfillment analyst is a customer support professional who works to meet the demand of orders for goods or services placed by customers and clients of a company. Reporting directly to a fulfillment supervisor, a college degree is typically not required for this role.

Order Fulfillment

As orders are placed, a fulfillment analyst works to meet the demand following all policies and procedures in place at the organization.


Within some environments, a fulfillment analyst may be responsible for processing payments made by customers.

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Brought to you by Sapling

Vendor Management

It may be required for a fulfillment analyst to manage and/or work with third-party vendors such as courier services to effectively complete their tasks.

Order Tracking

A fulfillment analyst may be required to use proprietary computer software to track all orders placed and filled.


A fulfillment analyst maintains detailed reports for presentation to the supervisor regarding all aspects of customer orders and inventory.

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