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How to Write a Managerial Report

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Managerial reports are written by managers to inform their supervisors of business decisions, departmental progress and the outlook for the future. To impress your supervisor, present her with a neat, organized report that provides information in an accessible manner. Back up claims with data and use a standard business report format to organize the information.

A standard business report format presents your methodology, introduction, main body, conclusion, recommendations for the future and research appendix. Before you start, brainstorm the information you should include. If applicable, cover ongoing projects, areas have been successes for your department and areas that need improvement. Include future hiring, training or other needs you can forecast for your department.

Discuss projects with your colleagues in anticipation of writing the managerial report. Ask for quotes or direct data. Gather firm numbers to inform your boss of how many workers you've hired or let go, how many workers attended training and how many products you sold, for example.

Draft a managerial report that discusses the goals, projects and work of your department. Include quotes and data from colleagues. Review any data to be included in the appendix. Confirm that everything is described accurately and is neat and easy to read.

Prepare an introduction, summary and conclusion for your report. The introduction should be clean and concise. Be creative in the conclusion; this is your opportunity to offer new business strategies and sum up your feelings.

Reread the report to make sure you've covered everything. Make any necessary changes. Proofread it one more time to avoid spelling or grammatical errors. Submit the managerial report to your supervisor.


Leave yourself plenty of time to prepare and submit the report so you don't have to rush.

Tell your colleagues you're asking their opinion for use in a managerial report.


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