How to Be a Salon Receptionist

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A salon is often a busy enterprise and a receptionist is typically needed to help the operation run efficiently, particularly in large scale salons. As far as education, those seeking a career in this field will need only a high school diploma. However, many other skills are necessary to be successful in this role. An outgoing personality, excellent organizational skills, and the ability to multitask are essential traits for a salon receptionist. Perfect your skills in these areas, prepare a resume, and begin searching for a salon receptionist position.

Learn how the salon operates. Study the services offered and the prices for each. Walk through a typical salon experience from entry to exit to become familiar with each area a customer visits so you know how to direct clients. Get to know the stylists and other employees so you can be of better assistance when scheduling and managing incoming calls for the staff.

Exhibit an outgoing personality. Be friendly and hospitable to clients and staff, setting the stage for an inviting salon environment. No matter what is happening in your personal life, put a smile on your face when you walk in the salon and remember you are the first impression customers will have of the business.

Develop organizational skills. Keep the appointment book, reception desk, filing system, and other areas you are responsible for maintaining both clean and organized. Eliminate clutter, learning from your manager what is important to keep and what you can toss. Stay apprised of staff schedules and make notes about any changes to avoid double booking or having a client want an appointment for a stylist has the day off.

Learn phone etiquette. Answer the phone in a calm, friendly manner even when you are busy so the caller does not feel like she is inconveniencing you. Limit calls on hold to under a minute and follow up with a status if a client is waiting for a stylist to pick up the line. When taking a message, be sure to get the client's full name and number, along with any information she would like you to pass along. Read the number back to verify.

Have a team spirit. Be willing to pitch in as needed with extra tasks to help the salon run smooth. Never say the words, "That is not part of my job description."

Work on multitasking. As a salon receptionist, you may have three phone lines ringing, several customers waiting to see stylists, and a salesman attempting to pitch a new hair product, all at the same time. Learn to prioritize and juggle several tasks at once, while remaining calm and in control. Practice different scenarios with friends to help you prepare for real-life situations.