How to Get Scheduled for a Postal Exam

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Many applicants for jobs with the United States Postal Service are required to take the postal exam. The postal exam will determine if you can identify whether two addresses are identical, use the proper code to assign mail to an address, memorize assigned codes for address ranges and complete post office forms correctly. There is also an additional part to the test pertaining to your past work-related experiences.

Locate a job announcement you want to apply for with the United States Postal Service. Job announcements are available online (see Resources) on the USPS website.

Select "Apply" and complete the online application. Enter your personal contact information, including your email address, and past employment history into the corresponding fields. You must also take an initial assessment during the application process. The test is short and measures your ability to sort mail. You will be given instructions online to guide you through the assessment.

Look for the application package which contains information about the postal exam. The information will be sent to you by email. It includes a study guide to help prepare you for the exam, as well as the exam dates and location. Follow the directions in the email to schedule your postal examination.