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How to Send My CV to Recruitment Agencies

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Recruitment agencies provide job opportunities in a number of fields. These agencies work for employers, not potential employees, and it is their job to find candidates for positions advertised by their clients. This means the agencies are actively looking for new CVs all the time. The process of applying to a recruitment agency is usually quite easy since the agency is able to better serve their clients if they can successfully attract skilled workers.

Contact the recruiting agency to find out how they accept CVs and applications. This may require a phone call or a simple look at the FAQ section of the company's website. Ask if the company requires any additional information beyond a copy of your CV.

Prepare your CV. Make sure your information is completely up to date and include any employment or educational experience that could be of interest to the employers. Be very careful to proofread for errors. These agencies receive hundreds of CVs and you do not want yours to stand out in a negative way.

Write a cover letter. Anything you do to make things easier for the recruiters will make you stand out from the hundreds of other applicants on file. Use your letter to introduce yourself, specify what kind of jobs you are interested in, and highlight the most pertinent parts of your CV.

Deliver your CV and cover letter to the agency. Use whatever method is preferred by the company, either by hand, by mail, or by e-mail.


If the recruitment agency requires applicants to pay a fee, proceed with caution. Reputable agencies will not ask for payment from applicants.


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