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How to Respond to a Job Posting on Craigslist

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Responding to a job posting can be simple as sending a message to a Craigslist’s anonymous email address. However, properly responding to a job posting takes a little more thought. To determine who is a suitable match, job posters must filter through numerous applicants while maintaining their normal work duties. This means you might have only seconds to catch the job poster's attention and relay your message in the hopes of getting an interview.

Read through the Craigslist job posting carefully, noting specific needs, requirements or questions the ad lists.

Click "Reply to This Post" and choose your email program, such as "Default Email," "Gmail," "Yahoo Mail or "AOL Mail." You can also copy and paste the email address manually into your email's composition window. Use a professional-sounding email address, such as "[email protected]." Avoid unprofessional email addresses, such as "[email protected]."

Enter the job title in the subject line. Adding attention-getting flare isn't bad, but put it after the job description, such as "Project Manager - 12 Years Experience." That way, if the job poster filters or sorts the email by subject, your response won't get lost. Include specific job reference numbers from the original post, such as "Project Manager (#12345678) - 12 Years Experience."

Write a concise and detailed cover letter in the body of the email. Do not attach a cover letter; you want the recipient to see your qualifications immediately in the email's body. Specifically address any needs, requirements or questions the ad lists. Use a list format with examples that support your qualifications; this format spotlights summary information during a quick scan. Keep the letter positive by detailing your qualifications and steps you've taken to overcome past challenges. Above all, explain how you can meet the company's needs without being excessively wordy.

Attach a well-formatted, detailed resume to the email, unless the job posting specifically requests no attachments. If that's the case, paste the information at the end of the email.

Send the email. Although you want your response to be well thought out, don't delay in responding. The job poster will receive potentially hundreds of responses; you want yours to arrive before the competition and before the job poster has made any decisions.


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