How to Properly List a Business Management Degree on a Resume

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A business management degree improves your chances of landing an interview for a management position or other job in a business. However, prominently listing your degree and accomplishments on your resume is essential; companies only spend a few seconds scanning each resume and might not notice your degree if your resume is unclear or poorly formatted. A well-written resume also demonstrates your ability to organize information effectively, a necessary skill in business.

List your business management degree underneath your resume's "Education" section, which should come first unless you have extensive work experience.

Write the name of the degree, such as "Bachelor of Science in Business Management," along with the university, location and graduation date. Include your GPA if it is 3.0 or higher. If you have a higher degree, such as a master's degree, place the bachelor's degree information underneath the master's degree information.

Write "Relevant Coursework:" on the next line. List courses you have taken that are relevant to your desired job. For example, if you are applying for a business communications position, "Business Writing" would be a relevant course. You may need to adjust this section, depending on to whom you are sending your resume.

List any honors, awards or scholarships you received on the next line, if applicable, after the words "Honors/Scholarships." For example, if you were on the dean's list, received a scholarship or were elected to honor societies, list that information here.


Make sure you list your computer skills, foreign languages and business work experience on your resume, because businesses often look for these qualifications.


Do not exaggerate or lie about your educational qualifications or work experience.