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What Can I Do With a Degree in Business Management?

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Business management degrees are popular with college students and for good reason: most schools offer these degrees, graduates tend to earn well out of school and there are many career options for those that hold them. A degree in business management tends to be a general business degree, covering a variety of business subjects. Because of this, graduates benefit from broad business backgrounds that are useful in a variety of settings.

What Kind of Work Do Business Majors Do?

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A degree in business management prepares people for work in a variety of occupations. Among the most common are positions in marketing, human resources, finance and accounting. Many large employers have management training programs that provide a direct career path for moving up in the organization. Business management degrees are also popular with those who have entrepreneurial aspirations.

Another career path for business management majors is working as a business consultant. This kind of work can be done as self-employment or working for a consulting firm and usually requires both the business management degree and some relevant work experience.

Where Do Business Management Majors Work?

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Business management graduates work in almost every setting imaginable. This includes government, not-for-profits and the private sector. From health care to entertainment, every field requires business managers. It’s an excellent opportunity to combine a business skill set with a passion for a particular field or interest. And because business management skills tend to transfer easily across different industries, it offers those who work in this field ample opportunities to change industries as well.

Increasingly business managers find themselves working in more international settings. With technological advances, business tends to be conducted on more of a global basis, and those who work in this field may find themselves traveling or even relocating abroad.

What Kinds of Further Education Can Business Majors Pursue?

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Many students who receive a business management degree elect to go on for more education. A business management undergraduate degree is excellent preparation for pursuing a Master of Business Administration (MBA) or attending law school. Others choose to pursue more specialized education in one of the business specialties, such as accounting or finance.


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