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How Is a Bachelor's in Accounting Written in a Resume?

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Employers will frequently require that a specific educational degree or diploma is needed for corporate accounting positions. You must use proper formatting to provide all of the necessary details regarding your educational completions on a resume. A bachelor’s degree in accounting must be presented using proper formatting under the heading “Education.”

Basic Formatting

A bachelor’s degree in accounting must be listed with the exact title on the resume. The title is written on a single line and the name of the institution, the location and the year of degree completion must be listed on the line below the degree title. For example, on the first line write “Bachelor of Accounting” and add any additional degree details, such as accounting management or business administration to the title. An example of the second line is “University of Charlotte, North Carolina. 2007.” It is acceptable to write “2003-2007” to indicate the starting and ending date of the degree program.


Some employers require that accountants are certified, and licensed by the state where the position is open. The certification details are not written as part of the education details, but should be in a separate category, along with any other beneficial courses or programs completed, such as in management or communication. List certifications and licensing under a summary of qualifications. An employer should not spend time looking for your certification details.

Role of Education on Resume

Educational degrees and diplomas are important on a resume because it shows a level of expertise and knowledge. You must include educational details in regards to your bachelor’s degree in accounting, regardless of your amount of working experience, to indicate that you have learned practical accounting procedures and have had formal training from an academic institution.


Listing your accounting education on your resume does not showcase your specific accounting expertise. Use the summary of qualifications, as well as descriptions of your previous employers, to indicate your accounting skills and experience. Include any experience you've had with balancing accounting books, maintaining a balanced budget, coordinating activities with tax consultants for a business, or attending seminars on budgeting and financial management strategies.


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