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How to Describe Your Experience With Computerized Accounting

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With so much competition for jobs, applicants need resumes that grab attention and concisely summarize their experience. Because modern businesses tend to do the majority of their budgeting, payroll, bookkeeping and taxes digitally, accountants must highlight their experience with computerized accounting to show potential employers that they have the necessary know-how to handle a business's finance in the digital age.

List "Computerized Accounting" as a bullet point in your Qualifications section. If you have particular expertise with a specific program, write it as a sub-point. For example, you might write "Computerized Accounting" on one line, and "Expert in Excel and QuickBooks Pro" on the next line, indented slightly.

Explain how you used your computerized accounting skills in your recent jobs. Describe your specific duties, and emphasize the level of responsibility you had. For example, under the subheading of your most recent job, you might write "Devised computerized accounting system for the business and facilitated the transfer of records from manual to digital," which explains what you did and stresses your personal contribution to the company.

Use words like "supervised," "directed," and "trained" to emphasize your level of responsibility. For example, you might write "Trained staff to use computerized accounting programs to record the company's inflow and outflow." If you were not in a training or supervisory position, stress the importance of your job for the company, for example by writing "Balanced and recorded all financial transactions for the company using accounting software."

Write a section specifically listing computer skills, after your work experience and before your education. Include a list of completed courses in your education section, and list your computerized accounting training there.


When writing lists, for example your list of completed courses, start with the items that are most relevant for the job. For a job that requires computerized accounting knowledge, list your computerized accounting training before your other courses.