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How to Write in a Resume That You Currently Go to School

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When you apply for a job in a certain industry, you want prospective employers to know that you are knowledgeable in that field because of your academic studies. Even when applying for an unrelated job, you want your resume to show that you are a well-educated and hard worker. So, how can you communicate your education if you do not actually have a degree yet? If you currently go to school, you can cite your educational information just like you would after graduation — specify the expected date of your graduation. Because it is a future date, employers will know you have not graduated yet.

Write the title of your degree and your major or field of study. If you are in high school, skip this step.

Write the date, month and day of your expected graduation. You can write this immediately after your degree, separated by a comma, or you can write it on the next line.

Specify that you have not yet earned the degree, if desired, by writing: "Expected" or "Expected date of graduation:" before the date. For example, you could write: "Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy (Expected May 2011)." Or, if you are listing the date on a separate line, you could write: "Expected date of graduation: May 2011." Iowa State University College of Business recommends omitting this clarification; by writing a future date, you communicate that it has not yet occurred. If you will graduate soon, you can safely skip this step. If your graduation date is far in the future — in a couple years, rather than a couple months — you may want to clarify.

Write the full name of your school on the next line.


You can list your school first and your degree second, if you prefer; either way is acceptable. You can also specify how long you have been attending school — separate from the expected graduation date — the same way you would list how long you worked at a particular job. For example, you could write: "Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy: Fall 2007 - Present. Expected date of graduation: May 2011."