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How to Communicate That You Will Graduate Soon on a Resume

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Resumes generally require specific dates for jobs you have worked and for your educational experiences. However, if you are applying for jobs while you are still in college, you do not have a date of graduation to list on your resume. In this case, use your expected date of graduation.

Visit your college adviser, and ask when you are expected to graduate given your current number of hours and classes you have left to take. The date you are expected to graduate may change if you are a year or more away from graduating. It might also change due to an unexpected event that requires you to leave school or repeat a class or two. The date your adviser gives you as your expected date of graduation is current, however.

Write the month and year you are expected to graduate on your resume next to the name and location of your college on the same line. (See Reference 1.) You can also list the expected graduation date below the name and location of your college. If you have any other college degrees or have graduated high school and are not in college, put this information beneath your current college. If you are still in high school, include the date and month of your expected graduation with the name and location of your high school.

Avoid writing “will graduate soon” on your resume. This is too vague for employers. They need to know if you are still in school so that they can determine if you are a good fit for the company given your level of knowledge and training as well as your school schedule. The word “soon” might mean a year and a half from now, or it could mean in two weeks. It is therefore important to write the month and year you expect to graduate on your resume.


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