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How to Find a Job in Las Vegas, Nevada

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Finding work in Las Vegas can sometimes seem like an exhausting endeavor to job hunters. If you live in "Sin City" or are looking to relocate there, you can be successful in your search for work by doing a little research, being fully prepared and following a few insider tips that will work in helping you score your dream job in one of the country's most thrilling cities.

Prepare a resume and know your skills. Your resume needs to be up-to-date and should highlight your skills. Employers will be looking for someone who can handle a wide variety of tasks and for someone who takes initiative, so demonstrate these abilities on your resume with dot points, as well as in your cover letter, if you're sending one. If you don't feel confident with a particular job requirement, don't include it on your resume.

Visit the places you want to work. Las Vegas is open all hours, so if you know where you'd like to be employed, visit the place of business and ask to speak to a manager or supervisor. Sometimes you can hand in your resume with a HR representative also. Managers are more likely to see your enthusiasm if you visit their business and have your resume ready to apply for a position.

Check online classifieds. as well as advertise positions available within the Las Vegas area. Users can do free searches on both sites and Monster members have the option of posting their resumes online for employers to view. is another career site that is specific to Nevada residents and allows job hunters to search for work online.

Register with a staffing agency. Let someone else do the job search for you by locating a job agency. Las Vegas has many staffing agencies available, such as Millenium Staffing Services and Executec Search Agency, that provide job interviews as well as tips and advice. Send in your resume, as well as a rundown of your skills and past employment and let an expert do the rest.

Network. You'll never know what types of jobs are available if you don't talk to people. Make a business card or keep your resume handy and introduce yourself to managers and employees. Ask about available positions with everyone you meet and sell your skills to them. Word of mouth can go a long way when you're job hunting, so always dress professionally and be prepared to meet people who might be important in your search for employment.


Consider taking a temporary position to pay the bills while you're looking for a permanent job. Continue to stay positive. The job market is competitive so don't be worried if you receive a few knock-backs.