How to Test Your Computer Skills

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Accuracy and skills are measured during computer skills testing. In order to compete in the job market, good computer skills are imperative in most cases. A high percentage of skilled and technical jobs--as well as administrative and professional careers--use computer keyboards and software programs in their daily tasks. To prepare for using computers in personal or business situations, testing your computer skills is helpful. Your progress can make a significant difference in receiving a promotion or meeting project deadlines with success.

Select the area of computer skills testing you would like to focus on. A job interview competency test is important for your livelihood and may be more stressful than striving to reach deadlines for articles, either working from home or in an office environment. Each circumstance calls for different types of tests. Focus on the specific assignments you will be doing on the job you are interviewing or wanting a promotion for, use a skills test that is designed in line with those.

Find a software program specifically designed for computer skills testing, that way you can practice and test your skills often, with progress shown in graphs or tables. They keep track of the history of your practice tests, accuracy, speed and competency in various computer spreadsheets, word processors and specific programs you are working to excel at.

Use one of the free online computer learning and skills testing websites. Many are for beginners, with basic skills tests and learning courses. This is a way to start understanding what is necessary to learn and practice, before going to more advanced stages of computer skills testing.

Take a mock practice test on a routine basis. Test your speed with frequently used words, single or double-spacing or no space used between words or sentences. Typing words with no punctuation or use of the return button or space bar can bring about confidence. Speed results are shown and will be a marker for your next goal to surpass.

Formulate good computer habits if you decide to take shortcuts when practice testing. Compare your time and accuracy with a well-groomed article to the same article tested with words only. The objective when honing your computer skills is to improve speed while maintaining accuracy in composition, grammar and spelling.

Use a timer and word processor that gives the word count and shows all spelling and grammar errors. This is a basic way to test that anyone using a computer can easily do. Decide on the desired word count for one minute on frequently used word tests; progressively move on to various formats that you will be working with: screenplays, poetry, legal documents, magazine articles or custom-formatted reports.