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How to Become a Security Guard in NSW

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To become a licensed security guard in New South Wales, Australia, you must follow the guidelines set by the Security Industry Act and Regulations for training and licensing. This Act and Regulations mandate the Vocational Education and Training Accreditation Board (VETAB) to oversee the accreditation of training providers and courses. The NSW Police Security Industry Registry issues valid licenses to security training providers and security officers. There are three license types available for security guard aspirants. These license types are 1A (Mobile and static guards, Monitoring Room Staff, and General Security), 1B (Bodyguard), 1C (Crowd Controller). ( see reference 3)

Enroll in a Certificate I in Security Operations course from NSW police approved and VETAB accredited training provider. Choose a specific NSW security license class. Examples of classes are Unarmed Static and Mobile Guard (Class 1A), Bodyguards (Class 1B), Crowd Controller (Class 1C). You will receive the equivalent certificate upon completion of this pre-licensed course. ( see reference 1)

Apply for a NSW Provisional Security License under your chosen license class to a Security Industry Registry Unit. This is temporary license that allows the holder to gain an entry-level position in the security industry. ( see reference 1)

Submit an Authority for Pre-training Criminal Record Check form to a Registered Training Organization that will provide a certificate course to you. You will then receive a NSW police clearance that is necessary to obtain a full NSW Security License. ( see reference 3)

Enroll in Certificate II or Certificate III Security Operations course within 12 months after receiving the Provisional Security License. Make sure the course has all the competencies that you need for the license type you desire. Take an approved Senior First Aid Course. Some Registered Training Organizations that offer Security Operations courses also offers Firs Aid Course. ( see reference 3)

Get two written character references. These reference must come from approved professionals such security employer, bank manager, lawyer, public servants, senior security officers, teachers. These professionals must be all licensed and have been on active duty for five consecutive years. ( see reference 3)

Complete a security license application available at local Police stations. Submit the application form together with the course certificate, Senior First Aid Certificate and the prescribed fees to the Security Industry Registry address. The complete address is Security Industry Registry, Locked Bag 5099, Parramatta NSW 2124. ( see reference 3)

Proceed to a Road Traffic Authority Branch to process your license after receiving a valid notification letter in the mail. ( see reference 3)


According to, security officer license is valid for five years and the processing fee for this validity period is 350 AUD. You are also given the choice to apply or a one- year license with a fee of 35 AUD. Each license application and renewal required a non-refundable lodgement fee of 50 AUD. It is then more cost-effective to pay the five-year validity fee than paying a lodgement fee every time you renew the license. ( see reference 3)


The Security Industry commissioner will not grant a license to an individual who is not fit to hold a security officer license based on competencies and experience. Enrolling in a reputable and registered training provider and gaining exposure to security duties increase the chances of receiving a license ( see reference 2)