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How to Become a Licensed Security Guard in Boise Idaho

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In Boise, Idaho, security guards or patrol agents are required to be licensed through the city department of business licensing. The licensing process assures city officials that all security agents are qualified and cleared to perform surveillance within city ordinance guidelines. While security companies acquire business licenses that carry considerable insurance and bond requirements, individuals working as agents for security service providers can attain licensing with professional training, a clear criminal history and surety bonding provided by an employer.

Be at least 18 years of age. According to the Boise municipal code, security guards must be eighteen years or older at the time of licensing.

Possess a clear criminal record. The city of Boise requires all security license applicants be free of any felony or misdemeanor convictions, outstanding warrants or other pending criminal judgments for three years prior to the license application date.

Get security officer training through entry-level employment. According to the Bureau of Labor, security guards commonly receive their training on the job. To acquire training, consider employment with a local security service serving the city of Boise. National security service companies like Allied Barton Security Services and Securitas provide full security training to conditional new hires. To search for security guard openings that provide on the job-training, use job resources including the Idaho Statesman classifieds, and the Boise Employment Guide.

Apply for a security guard license for the City of Boise. Once under the employment of a security service firm, you must apply for your Boise license prior to being assigned to active duty as a security or patrol agent. To apply for a license, complete the patrol agent application, have it notarized and submit according to the instructions available on the city of Boise's municipal website. As a patrol agent, you must possess a surety bond in the amount of $2,500 for licensing. Most security guards under the employ of a security service company are covered through their employer bond. Confirm through your employer before submitting your application.

Complete the fingerprint card requirements once your initial application has been accepted. The licensing agent, upon initial acceptance of your application, will provide instructions on where to go to complete the fingerprinting requirement. Complete fingerprinting and photo requirements and the licensing agent will issue your security license.


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