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How to Obtain a Security Guard License in Miami

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Before you start your career as a security officer in Miami you must meet the requirements established by Florida law. In the State of Florida, both armed and unarmed security officers must be licensed. The licenses are granted by the Division of Licensing (DOL) of the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services (FDACS). You receive a license after successfully completing a state-approved training program, submitting the required application and passing a criminal background check.

Decide whether you want to be an unarmed or an armed security officer. Unarmed and armed security officers require different types of training and are assigned different licenses. The class D license is for unarmed security guards and requires a total of 40 hours of training. The class G license is for armed security officers and requires 28 hours of classroom instruction and firing range training. Choose a license type that best suits your career objectives.

Complete a security officer training program. Enroll in a Florida licensed training school or facility. There are security officer training facilities located in Miami. One such training school is the Allstate Training Academy (ATA). Register for the three-day training course by visiting the ATA website.

Allstate State Training Academy 7212 NW 56th Street Miami, FL 33166 866-641-9171

Apply for a license. Download or request a copy of the application from the FDACS, Division of Licensing website. Choose either the class D security officer license application or the class G statewide firearms license application. Review the application instructions and requirements before submitting your application. You may also obtain an application by visiting your regional FDACS office.

Miami Regional Office 401 Northwest 2nd Ave. Suite 720-N Miami, FL 33128 305-377-5950

Pass a criminal background check. Determine whether you want to submit your fingerprints electronically or by mail. Get your fingerprints electronically scanned at the regional FDACS office listed above, the Miami-Dade Police Department or Miami-Dade College. Refer to the list of county sheriff’s offices and private vendors located on the FDACS website for addresses and contact information. If you request that an application be mailed to you, a fingerprint card will be included with the application. Read the fingerprint instructions carefully and submit the fingerprint card along with your application.


You must be at least 18 years old with a high school diploma or its equivalent to apply for a license. You have the option of completing 24 hours of training before applying for a class D license. After applying for a license you then have 180 days to complete the other 16 hours of training.