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Florida Online Security Guard Training

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Florida online security guard training allows adult learners to work from home toward meeting state licensing and continuing education requirements. The Licensing Division of the Florida Department of State sets the guidelines for training requirements.


Security guards in Florida must complete online courses that meet the requirements for licensing. Speak with a Division of Licensing representative to make sure an online training school is acceptable for a type ā€œDā€ security officer license before registering for a class.

Weapons Permit

Online training classes are specific to armed and non-weapon-carrying security guard positions. If you are take an armed guard course, you will also need a license from the Division of Licensing to carry a weapon. Even though the armed guard courses are online, the student still needs to pass a field firearms test given by a state-qualified examiner.

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Brought to you by Sapling


Security guard training courses must include at least 40 hours of instruction to be accepted by the state. The online training curriculum typically covers use of force, restraint procedures, public relations, powers of arrest, report writing, communications equipment and legal liability.

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