How to Become an Armed Security Guard in NYC

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Being an armed security guard is a dangerous and a risky job that carries a lot of responsibility. In New York City has a huge demand for good security guards in various fields of work, from banking, commercial and law services to private services and specialized security companies. If you are a trustworthy, reliable, and physically fit, you might be a good candidate for becoming an armed security guard.

Find a school approved by the state of New York and enroll in a security training program. Note that having an associate degree or a bachelor degree in criminal justice or a similar field is not a requirement but can help your career in the security industry, especially if you are interested in corporate security. Find websites that offer a list of private security training schools fully approved by the state of New York.

Finish the program in the private security training school. The program will consist of a certain number of hours per day of security training and a certain amount of classes.

Obtain a firearm license that is valid in New York. This step is necessary if you want to work as an armed security guard in the state of New York.

Attend a 47 hours firearm training course for security guards. Prior to this training, you will have to submit fingerprints, pass a mental and medical examination and pass a background check.

Apply for a special armed guard registration card in New York in the city’s licensing office. If you finished all the courses successfully and passed a background check, you will have no problem with getting your NY special armed guard registration card.

Complete the mandatory 8 hours training course every year to renew and prolong your armed security guard license. This training course is officially called the In–service training course for armed security guards.


It is always a good idea to join a gym and to continue with some kind of a physical exercise. Being the best in this line of work means being fit and strong, therefore make sure to keep a high level of physical.


You have a responsibility to make sure you don’t have a medical condition that can put yourself or others in danger, since working as an armed security guard is a highly dangerous and risky job.