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How to Work As an Independent Self-Employed Security Officer

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Security has become a major industry. As a security officer, also known as a “guardm" you will be responsible for duties such as patrolling internal and external premises, responding to emergency situations, monitoring who is coming and going and maintaining key control. As an independent, you will be in charge of establishing and growing your business. By doing your background research and going through the checklist, you will be more likely to succeed at being self-employed.

Determine if your qualifications meet the criteria. Some employers, who may hire you for contract work, require you to have a high-school diploma or GED, be an American citizen, have a valid driver’s license, pass a background security check, and be in good physical shape. Additional security courses or training would help make you more valuable.

Identify your target market. If you are going to work independently, you need to find people to employ you. Some security companies, for instance, hire extra security officers for major events, such as football matches or political rallies.

Study the IRS rules and regulations for self-employed people and make sure you conform to the guidelines about such things as what you can and cannot deduct. Failing to file your taxes properly could be the end of self-employment.

Contact potential employers and let them know that you are available. As a self-employed security officer, you are going to have to go to them rather than waiting for them to come to you.

Advertise your services. People who are looking for a short-term security arrangement may be interested in hiring you. People who are going to be away on holiday for a month, for instance, may employ you to patrol their property.


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