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How to Get a Commission Security Officer Card

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Commissioned security officers are armed professionals who are hired to protect assets, provide a safe environment for the public and observe and report criminal activity. Armed officers are employed in high-security roles, including banks. Candidates for a commissioned officer license are usually at least 21 years old and have never been convicted of a felony. At the time of publication, commissioned officers in the United States earn at least $23,000 a year. Being an armed security guard can be a very dangerous job, but rewarding as well.

Secure employment as a noncommissioned officer. Unless the candidate is a former law enforcement officer or honorably discharged from the military, one is expected to have security experience. Visit job boards such as and to view job opportunities in your area. Once the job applications have been filed out, the interviews have been completed, and an employment offer extended, security employers usually expect new hires to complete officer job-related training and a criminal background check. Begin your new security officer assignment.

Earn a noncommissioned officer license. Visit your state’s private security board website to complete an application for an unarmed license. An application processing fee, fingerprint cards for a criminal background check and color passport photographs are usually required. Mandatory training, which is usually 30 hours, from a state-approved security officer instructor is expected. Upon completion of the course, students must pass a test that measures their understanding of security. After receiving a license in the mail, officers can fulfill work duties of their job.

Apply with your state private security board for a commissioned officer license; revisit your state’s security board to review requirements. Most states require candidates for a commissioned officer license to complete an application, submit fingerprint cards for a background check, pay an application fee and complete training. Commissioned officer training includes classroom and firearm training. Also, begin searching job websites for commissioned officer jobs in your area.

Work as a commissioned officer. Officers are to remain cognizant of the standards of armed officers for their state. For instance, armed security officers in Virginia have the power to arrest individuals while on duty. However, in Florida armed security officers are not to perform peace officer duties.

Renew your commissioned officer license. States usually license armed officers for at least two years. Applicants are required by the state private security licensing board to pay a license renewal fee and complete a gun re-certification course.


When taking firearm training for a commissioned officer license, most companies ask candidates to qualify with the gun they plan to use on the job. However, guns and ammunition are usually available for rent from gun stores and at gun ranges.