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How to Get the Arizona Guard Card

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The State of Arizona requires you to obtain a guard card, before you can get a job with a security company or agency. The Arizona Department of Public Safety issues the guard licenses. Both armed and unarmed guards are required to have a license in Arizona. You must attend an approved training course and pass a DPS background check, before you can get a guard license.

Get a registration application form from the company that has offered you a job. The security company must fill out the employer section of the form.

Attend the mandatory 8-hour security guard training class. Many security companies offer free training classes for new employees. You can also attend training classes offered by private schools.

Call the local Arizona DPS post near you. Schedule an appointment to process your guard license application.

Bring your registration application, a color photo of your face and verification of training to the local Arizona DPS post.

Get fingerprinted by an Arizona DPS officer. Give the officer all of the required documents.

Pay the required fees. The Arizona DPS will issue your guard card after conducting a background check.


The guard card is good for two years after the date of issuance by the Arizona DPS.


The Arizona DPS does not accept personal checks.

Armed guards require additional training to receive a guard card.