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FBI Fingerprint Training

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Fingerprint training is handled by the Biometric Services Section of the FBI. Training courses based on the FBI fingerprint training manual and guidelines are held at campuses offering forensics or law enforcement classes.

Fingerprint Training Course Length

The Basic FBI Fingerprint Classification Course is a 40-hour class conducted over five days. Other fingerprint training classes vary in length. Most classes are open to non-law enforcement, although some prerequisites may be required depending on the school. Good preparation for any course is to study the FBI fingerprint training manual.

Basics of FBI Fingerprint Training

Fingerprint training courses instruct students in the different fingerprint pattern types and characteristics. Students will learn methods of fingerprint classification, including the Henry classification system. Classes also cover methods used to process and preserve latent fingerprints.

Terms Associated with Fingerprint Training

Biometric science uses computers to identify people based on either physical aspects like fingerprints, or behavioral patterns. Forensic science is the use of methods to gather and analyze evidence in a crime that will establish facts that may be used in legal cases. Dactyloscopy is the identification and comparison of fingerprints. A fingerprint expert is called a dactyloscopist.