How to Train on the Cash Register at McDonalds

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Training on the registers at any job is a learning experience and one you must practice to perfect. Cash registers at McDonald's fast-food restaurants are touch screen, which means you just touch the correct area of the screen to input orders. The screen has images of the food as well as the name. With time, you too will appear to be a McDonald's cash register pro and will be quickly able to enter orders.

Maximize Training Time

Take pen and paper with you to the register when you first train. Stay relaxed and understand you will not get everything immediately. As your trainer points out things, write down as much as possible. Depending on the work situation and if you are being trained with actual customers and time constraints, you may not have the opportunity to write everything down.

Plan to stay at the store after your shift ends. Use this time to review the layout of the register. Take a photo of the register layout to review later at home if this is allowed by your manager. If not, take this time to write as many notes as you need to take. Review your notes often. Over time, you will find you are remembering more details.

Ask other McDonald's employees for tips and tricks. Write this information down and review it often.

Practice and ask questions while working with your trainer. You may have minimal time with a trainer near you so use this opportunity to ask as many questions as you need. If you feel you need additional training, ask the McDonald's manager if you can come in before or stay after your shift for help with the register. You may have to be willing to come in, off the clock, for additional training. This will be up to your manager.

Takes notes of the items on the menu and the ingredients used to make each item. Customers often ask what toppings are on an item, what type of oil is used, what condiments are used and other questions. Your manager will provide you with brief information but write it down so you can review it at home until you know each item.

Memorize the greetings your McDonald's store uses to recognize customers. The store manager may require the same greeting for each customer or may tell you several appropriate ways to greet customers. Knowing how to engage the customer and be polite and respectful is essential as the cash register employees are the front line of the customer experience.