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What Are the Duties of a Management Trainee in a Restaurant?

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Restaurant managers play an important role in creating enjoyable dining experiences. They oversee reception areas, dining rooms and the kitchen to ensure that patrons receive great food and excellent customer service. A restaurant manager in training works under an experienced manager to learn all about restaurant operations. As a trainee, it's your job to learn and practice effective leadership techniques, so the restaurant flourishes once you're put in charge.

Restaurant Operations

Trainees learn the basics of how a restaurant operates. You might attend an official restaurant-sponsored training course or learn on the job under the direction of a manager. Training covers topics such as company policies, food preparation, customer relations, financial reporting, quality control and team-building. Restaurant trainees also learn procedures for opening and closing the restaurant. This may include balancing cash drawers, taking inventory, prepping and storing food, and sanitizing cooking equipment.

Customer Happiness

Manager trainees must build strong customer relations to encourage valuable new and repeat business. You'll learn how to greet customers with friendliness and kindness, and conduct formal and informal surveys to get reliable feedback. The manager will train you on ways to troubleshoot customer concerns and handle complaints. You must be able to clearly communicate restaurant policies, menu limitations, food discounts, special programs, price adjustments and tipping policies, if your restaurant has one. You might help with promotional activities, such as community programs that advertise and support your restaurant.

Supervisory Tasks

Restaurant manager trainees learn and practice supervisory duties. It's your job to communicate new or revised instructions to incoming shift workers, organize the restaurant for large events, teach new employees company policies and oversee day-to-day operations. You must create daily and weekly work schedules to ensure that you have enough employees for each shift. You might be asked to create computerized inventory and daily revenue reports.

Employee Compliance

A manager is responsible for ensuring that employees follow company procedures. As a trainee, you might practice writing employee citations for violations such as tardiness, unacceptable work attire, poor attitudes, restaurant policy violations and improper conduct. It's your duty to notify your shift of changes in company rules, menus and daily tasks. Restaurant manager trainees don't typically hire or fire employees, but your trainer will likely discuss those steps -- knowing that you'll be a stand-alone manager soon.


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