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How to Work a Fast Food Cash Register

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Working at a fast-food restaurant such as McDonald's or Wendy's can be stressful, especially if you are working the register. This job means plenty of responsibility. Orders need to be correct and completed in a timely manner. You must collaborate with your coworkers in order to make sure customers are satisfied with their meals and pleased with their overall experience at the restaurant.

Learn your job responsibilities. Some fast-food restaurants expect you to complete other responsibilities besides running the cash register.You may be in charge of getting certain items when people order them, such as condiments, kid's toys or ice cream, and making sure that sauces, cups and bags are stocked properly.

Learn the specials and combos. Make sure you memorize the food combo numbers and current specials. This way, when a customer identifies the meal they would like by the number, you are able to enter it without asking for details. You should also make sure you are up to date with promotions and prices. This will ensure that the customer's order is completed quickly and is correct.

Learn the buttons on the register itself. Sometimes the buttons on the cash register are unclear and will need further explanations from other employees. Make sure you know how to order each item using the cash register, including how to put in discounts and change or delete orders if the customer changes their mind.

Provide proper customer service. Being nice and friendly, both at the counter and through the intercom---if you are working at the drive-thru---will provide the customer with a pleasant experience and ensure they return to your restaurant. Your supervisors and coworkers will also notice your demeanor and be more willing to help you out when you need it.

Learn how to handle stress. Working a fast-food register can get hectic at times. It is important to learn how to control your stress and anxiety levels when things get crazy. Make sure you know how procedures work before the lunch and dinner rushes hit, and take deep breaths to remain calm. Don't allow rude customers and coworkers to influence the rest of your shift. By letting stress and rudeness not affect you, you will be more productive and efficient, which are the cornerstones of fast-food service.


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