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How to Learn Direct Customer Service

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Direct customer service, which entails employees interacting with customers face-to-face or through a means of electronic communication, should be learned by every associate. Learning how to deal with customers directly will increase the value of the product or service the customer is purchasing. Direct customer service training is simple and quick to learn. Many retail stores offer classes that teach associates how to deal with customers in different situations. Customer service representatives that help customers with electronics can learn how to do so by role playing and memorizing answers via scripts.

Attend a class that will teach the fundamentals of direct customer service, which may include how to satisfy a customer's needs, answer questions efficiently and provide exceptional service. Many retail stores offer classes, which train associates in how to interact with customers. Learn how to speak with customers in the class. For example, do not cut off a customer midway during a sentence, as this may seem rude. Learn services that can add value to the customer's experience, such as complimentary gift wrapping.

Role play with other associates to practice handling certain customer situations. For example, create a scenario in which the customer needs assistance for a certain product. Role playing will help associates learn the right and wrong thing to do when directly interacting with a customer.

Learn scripts related to the job, and know the answers to frequently asked questions. Many phone and online customer service representatives use scripts to answer questions customers may have. Memorize the scripts and answers to the FAQs to become more efficient when dealing with a customer directly.

Take an online customer service training course to learn or improve direct customer service relations. Look for an online course that is best suited toward your job position. For example, take a course that deals with customer service transactions if you work at a retail store. These paid courses will teach the fundamentals of direct customer service.


Public libraries sometimes have useful classes, books and online resources for free that may teach direct customer service responsibilities and job training.