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Movie Theater Concession Stand Job Description

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Concession workers operate a profitable part of the movie theater business by selling patrons a variety of snacks. After the smell of fresh popcorn and liquid butter attract moviegoers to the food stand, concession workers need to provide quick and friendly service. In between popping popcorn and pouring drinks, concession workers handle monetary transactions and keep the area clean and sanitary.

Friendly Service

Unless they're being dragged by their significant other or child, movie patrons enter the theater excited and in a good mood. Concession workers help to keep spirits high by greeting patrons with a warm smile and friendly service. Even though prices and descriptions may be listed, customers may ask the same questions in regards to what foods are available and how much certain items cost. Concession workers can't get annoyed by these repetitive inquiries and need to treat each customer well, so they'll want to return to purchase another movie ticket and tub of popcorn next time.

Quick Transactions

Lines can run long at the ticket counter, especially on weekends or the opening night of a blockbuster. Concession workers need to think fast and be quick with their hands and quick on their feet in order to make sure that patrons get to their seats before the opening credits. At the same time they're scooping popcorn into bags, workers need to make sure enough kernels are popping for the next round of customers. Employees also have to keep vessels containing flatware, napkins, condiments and straws continually stocked so customers keep moving down the line.

Monetary Exchanges

The final stop of each transaction involves the cash register. Concession workers need to be familiar with how the register functions and know how to punch the correct keys for each individual order. Employees also have to remain calm when orders are altered or canceled at the last minute. For credit card payments, workers need to make sure sensitive information isn't compromised or incorrect amounts are charged to the card. With cash payments, employees need to make correct change and ensure that the register has enough bills and cents to make proper change.

Clean and Safe Environment

Customers who purchase drinks and snacks can be left with a bad taste in their mouth if their food isn't fresh or handled properly. Concession employees have to maintain a clean and safe work station that passes local health inspections and sanitize all equipment and surfaces that come in contact with food. Workers also must not contaminate the food they serve, so they have to change gloves between serving food and handling money. They must wipe up any spills to prevent accidents and toss cooked food that has been sitting a while or that remains at the end of the night.


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