How to Memorize a Menu As a Restaurant Server

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If you are hired as a restaurant server, you will have to familiarize yourself with the dishes on the menu as well as what goes into each dish. Not only does memorizing the menu make you a better employee, but you can offer suggestions to patrons and diners based on their preferences and possible allergies. Although each individual has his own method of memorization, following a few simple techniques can help you show off your knowledge of the restaurant and its menu.

Create flash cards, using note cards, with the name of the entree, dish or other item on the menu on one side and the ingredients or pertinent information on the other side. Go over the flash cards until the information becomes routine in your mind and you are able to accurately repeat the information in a professional manner. Mix up the cards once you have learned all the information on the menu items so you can practice as if a customer was ordering a dish randomly.

Visualize the food on the menu while it is being prepared. Since most restaurant servers only come in contact with the meal after it has been prepared, being actively engaged in the food-making process can help you understand everything from how the food is prepared to the main ingredients in each dish.

Personalize the food for yourself. Even if you personally do not like to eat something on the menu, you can use it as a memorization tool. For example, if an entree on the menu has olives and you do not like to eat them, you will remember the entree has olives the next time a customer asks for the ingredients.