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Job Description of Food & Beverage Trainee

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A food and beverage trainee is the first point of contact for the food establishment, whether it is a bar, coffee shop, fast-food joint or fine dining restaurant. While the job description may vary according to the type of food served and the size of the establishment, a food and beverage trainee's jobs is to ensure the patron is enjoying his experience.


Food and beverage trainees have customer service skills and will warmly greet the customer and seat her promptly. Some positions may call for a food and beverage trainee to also take reservations and manage tables. Whether in person or on the phone, professionalism and a friendly manner is important.


A food and beverage trainee provides the customer with a menu and advises of any specials. In fine dining restaurants, the trainee may suggest wine or advise how a dish is prepared and can describe the dishes in more depth and detail.


A food and beverage trainee will ensure that the customer is satisfied with his food. This might involve checking up on the patron and offering a refill of his drink and asking if there is anything else needed. In a coffee shop, for example, good service will come in the form of fast and efficient service combined with quality foods and beverages.


Some establishments might have separate cashiers but in many cases, the trainee will put together the bill and provide it to the patron and give the payment options. The trainee will then accept the payment from the customer.


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