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The Duties & Responsibilities of Commis De Rang

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The responsibilities of a commis de rang are fairly straightforward. The job requires exceptional composure under pressure as the commis de rang must manage the operations of the front of the house in a restaurant. Performing the essential duties of a waiter, a person with this job title must have a knack for dealing with the public.

Taking Orders

The first interaction by which a customer will judge a commis de rang is her efficiency in taking an order. An inability to quickly comprehend information and write it down (often in shorthand) will irk certain customers and make them more skeptical of your abilities.

Serving Meals

The most important duty of the commis de rang is to serve customers their appetizers, entrees and desserts. Ensuring that the plate gets to the table without incident can sometimes be more difficult than it seems. Particularly during peak hours such as lunch or dinner, the commis de rang may have to face numerous literal obstacles (e.g. cramped space, bus boys other customers) to reach his destination.

Busing Tables

Clearing plates from the table as a customer finishes his meal is also an important part of the commis de rang's contribution to a restaurant's efficiency and ambience. However, the commis de rang must gauge whether the customer is ready for her plate to be cleared, without giving the impression of hovering.

Processing Payment

Another seminal responsibility of the commis de rang is to take the customer's payment promptly but without rushing. Sometimes, the dining party will want to split the check over multiple credit cards, which can make for a less seamless payment process.

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