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Restaurant Receptionist Duties

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When a customer walks into a restaurant, the first person they usually meet is the receptionist. One of the most vital roles within the business, often acting as a go-between for the diner and other members of the staff, a receptionist must take a professional and polite manner toward customers.

Take Bookings

One of the primary roles of a restaurant receptionist is to understand the booking system so they can schedule tables. You confidently answer the phone, check email requests or speak to customers who walk in and request a table at the restaurant. Once the booking is scheduled, you clearly convey the day, time and amount of guests reserved to other members of the staff, and finally confirm the table is prepared just before the party arrives.

Greet Guests

A receptionist is typically based at the entrance to a restaurant. It is their duty to greet incoming guests. It is vital that a restaurant receptionist is friendly, presentable and professional. Sometimes the receptionist has to issue an approximate waiting time to diners who have not reserved a table and deal with a busy entrance way containing impatient customers. Additionally, a receptionist often shows the guests to their table once it is ready, seats them and hands out menus before transferring service to the waiter.

General Customer Service

A restaurant receptionist is often a customer's first port of call when they experience a problem. A receptionist deals with numerous issues in person or over the phone, from restaurant complaints and inquiries over dietary issues to a customer reporting lost property. They must be prepared to liaise between the diners and other members of the staff to ensure the customer receives satisfying service.

Further Roles

A restaurant receptionist often does minor administrative work. This includes drawing up booking schedule sheets, completing daily reports and other office duties. Other roles include helping to clean the restaurant and its reception area. They may be required to attend staff meetings and communicate with all departments to maintain a high restaurant standard.


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