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How do I Find an RN Number?

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The Federal Trade Commission issues registered identification numbers, or RNs, to companies in the United States that make or sell items that come under the Textile, Wool and Furs Act. There's no fee for an RN, but the FTC has a limit of one per company. You can find an RN on the FTC website query page using the name and location of a company and its product line.

Access the FTC's Registered Identification Number Database web page. Click on "Search the database" to access the RN query tool.

Select "RN" from the "RN Type" drop-down list, and type the name of the company into the "Company Name" input field. Type "%" if you only know part of the company's name. For example, inputting "% Mart" as the company name may return a list of results that includes companies such as "Money Mart," "Food Mart" and "Deal Mart."

Select a business type from the "Business Type" drop-down list. If you are not sure of the company's business type, leave this field blank. Input the city, state code and ZIP code into the appropriate input fields. If you do not know the state code, click the "LOV" link beside the "State Code" input field to view a list of state codes.

Enter the company's product line into the "Product Line" input field. If you do not know the product line of the company, leave this field blank. Click "Find" to submit the search form and view the results.


If your search is returning no results, check to make sure you are using correct spelling and punctuation. It is also possible the company's RN application is currently under review.

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