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How to Get a Resellers License

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A reseller, also known as a wholesale, permit is required to buy merchandise at wholesale prices or purchase products in bulk. Resale licenses are issued by a state agency or county clerk in your business area. Getting a reseller license for your business requires a simple process.

Obtain information to apply for your reseller permit. You will need a business license and a federal employer identification number (EIN). Your EIN can be applied for through the Internal Revenue Service website. Examples of additional needed information includes identification, Social Security Number, bank information, supplier information and business financial data.

Apply for a reseller permit through the Department of Revenue or Franchise tax board. A fee is not required for a reseller license. The Department of Revenue allows business owners to apply online, in person or by phone.

Complete the application and submit to the Department of Revenue. In many states, the processing time for a reseller permit is two to four weeks depending on the amount of applications.