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How to Become a Wood Flooring Dealer

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Opening your own business can be a challenge. But with the right steps and proper planning you can open your own wood flooring dealership. Wood flooring is becoming ever more popular, especially with many people being allergic to carpeting. Many home owners are turning toward wood flooring either because of health concerns, the desire to be green or just for aesthetic purposes. Wood flooring dealers can start their own business with a few pointers.

Check with your specific state to see if a business license is required to have a wood flooring dealership. This information can be found from your local Chamber of Commerce.

Research available government grants to start a small business. Contact the Small Business Association. Apply for any small business loans that you might qualify for to start your wood flooring dealership.

Find a store to rent to begin your dealership. Being a wood floor dealer could be a home business, but the dealer will need to be able to show flooring designs from a book or catalog or to have samples to display.

Contact other wood flooring dealers to connect with floor distributors and manufacturers. Ask for free floor samples or see if they have a loaner program for sample flooring so it can be displayed for customers.

Advertise your business in local papers and community papers and with business cards. Do not forget to advertise your business on the Internet, taking advantage of social networking sites. Also, consider creating an Internet page to display your business.