How to Design Gift Wrap As a Career

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Designing gift wrap can be done at home. Selling gift wrap can be more difficult. To become a full time designer of gift wrap takes a business plan and the confidence to create your own business. With the right designs and determination, you may get your wrap into stores.

Find a niche. Study gift wrap sold in grocery stores, retailers and gift stores. Write down the names of manufacturers that make gift wrap similar in design and paper quality to yours.

Design gift wrap that satisfies the niche you identified. Apply for U.S. copyrights to protect your work. Fill out forms and provide your design and fees as directed.

Create a business plan. This should include information such as why your paper is different than others on the market and who is going to buy your gift wrap. You can find business proposal templates free online. Submit your proposal to gift wrap companies.

Start your own company if others won't license your designs. Obtain a Tax ID number from the IRS to establish your business. Contact a financial or tax adviser to determine how the business should be formed such as an S corp, LLC or sole proprietor.

Find a manufacturer and research costs of creating your line. Find printers using sites like Most companies require a certain number of rolls of each design be purchased at one time.

Locate companies to stock your product. Make phone calls and visit stores to find a business willing to distribute your gift wrap.


Include products related to gift wrap in your business proposal such as gift bags, gift cards and calendars.

If you start your own business, marketing and sales will be your responsibility.

Create a website to showcase your products.